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Majestic Showcase Builders  we love what we do! We are celebrating over 30 years of building extraordinary homes and creating an extraordinary experience for our homeowners.

Grand Homes was established in 1986 by its founder Stephen H. Brooks. He felt there was a need in the Dallas housing market for a company comprised of hardworking people dedicated to building quality homes. Homes that featured designs consumers wanted.

The rapid growth and immediate success of Grand Homes can be attributed to the creativity and dedication of Stephen Brooks. With over 30 years experience in the home building industry, he has been a key force in setting architectural trends. Grand Homes has sculpted some of the most popular features in the Dallas market such as front porches, stone accented exteriors, and second story verandahs.

Grand Homes continues to thrive in the Dallas market with innovative, award-winning architectural designs. Grand builds over 400 semi-custom homes a year in 30 neighborhoods around the metroplex.

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